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    Wednesday, September 06, 2006


    One of the painful things that comes with living a totally different life from everyone else in one's family is that, inevitably, one mostly disagrees with them when it comes to matters of taste. Rarely is this more clear than in the comparison between me and my sister. My sister's favorite movie in high school was Charlie's Angels, and not in some sort of riot grrl way. She has been known to listen to Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals by choice.

    So, it should come as no surprise that, despite some funny moments, I've always been rubbed the wrong way by Dane Cook. I find that, even when he is funny, he's funny in a way that is thoroughly unmemorable and, well, disappointing. Mostly, I just know he's the kind of person I most definitely would not want to know, and not in that genius-asshole sort of way that makes me still sorta want to meet, say, Ernest Hemingway or John Lennon.

    Dane Cook is the "funny guy" and always has been. There's something about the really funny people like, say, Chris Rock or Stephen Colbert - you know they weren't the "funny guy", even if they were really funny, when they were, like, 15.

    The other thing is that I'm really sick of hearing how "hot" he is. Frankly, I can't tell.

    All that is a preamble to say that, yea, I really liked what my Heather Havrikesky (also known as Bitch With My Job) wrote.


    Blogger dustdaughter said...

    Haven't heard any of Cook's material, just seen him perform awkwardly on some awards shows. I agree that the really funny people are the ones who make it seem effortless. Having a simple conversation with them is suddenly hilarious.

    Okay, now I need to find some way to work BWMJ into my everyday vocabulary.

    6:45 PM  
    Blogger Omnipotent Poobah said...

    I have to say I don't think he's one of the "greats" either, but I don't think he's that bad.

    It seems to me that he actually didn't come off too badly in Tourgasm because he wasn't always the center of attention.

    Different strokes as they say...

    7:26 PM  
    Anonymous Luke said...

    Oh god, this guy. I couldn't agree more. I personally have nothing against the guy and from the little i've heard (which was awful) he hasn't said anything too bad...but he's completely forgettable. A Ryan Reynolds, I remember for being handsome and frat-ish...a Sean Michael Scott character the same thing and both can be funny as long as theyre not doing the "bang chicks" routine but this Dane just never gets off the ground. but my opinion might just be from seeing those awful trailers for that blah movie he did with Jessica.

    7:40 PM  
    Blogger Blackamazon said...

    I DONT GET IT > I reallyd ont i want to I jsut dont.Notthat hot notthat deep what teh I just dont

    And im popping in to sya i love EL cuase i do

    1:11 AM  

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