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    Thursday, August 31, 2006

    On the Emmys

    I guess I'm late on this post. Well, I'm late on all the posts coming up because I did another disappearing act. (Let me just say that working 2 jobs and going to school full-time is a killer, but the other problem is that Veronica Mars Season 2 is now on DVD.) Anyway ...

    One of the problems for me with the big awards shows is that I assume that whatever it is I am watching and loving is most definitely better than whatever I'm not watching. So, I am outraged at the defeat of Project Runway, my new flame, by The Amazing Race, which I have never seen but assume is awful. Also, anything that beat Arrested Development or Weeds makes me mad. Then, I find out that the last season of Six Feet Under was eligible but wasn't nominated!!!???? I truly believe that's as good as television (art?) gets!

    Anyway, this is why, as the Omnipotent Poobah advised me 'round Oscar time, I should simply get over it.


    Anonymous Luke said...

    The Amazing Race, from what i've seen, is awful. Americans running around the globe screaming at everyone to give them directions and help them with challenges. I can't imagine what would happen if we had tv crews from other countries doing that in the states...

    Veronica Mars, yessss. I'm anxiously awaiting season 2 to come in the mail..

    4:58 PM  
    Blogger dustdaughter said...

    I was going to ask you what your thoughts about the Emmy's were, but I remembered that you don't have a tv. So I waited until you had a chance to read about the winners/highlights on the web. Then, I forgot to ask.

    The nominating process that was supposedly revamped just fell flat so half the shows/actors/writers, etc were not nominated. And it pretty much all went downhill from there.

    Re:VM dvd's - they rock! I'm up to Disc Three so far. It's so fun catching stuff that I missed. I also noted that one of the scenes in the first ep of Season Two mirrors one of the scenes in the season finale. Very cool. Rob Thomas is working his way up my personal TV Writers Pantheon.

    8:28 AM  
    Blogger EL said...

    Oh no, Luke. I didn't even know they were going around the world. That's frightening. The last thing we need.

    TV Writers Pantheon, dustdaughter? I'd love to know who else ranks.

    8:40 AM  
    Blogger dustdaughter said...

    Re: TV Writers - It's a short list, really. I never really paid attention to writers until college. Right now the list is mainly Joss Whedon & Tim Minear (Buffy, Angel, Firefly) and - please don't roll your eyes - Yvette Lee Bowser (Living Single, A Different World).

    11:44 AM  

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