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    Friday, July 21, 2006

    Weekend Homework

    I seriously can't belief it's Friday already. Not working outside the house much (I'm still part-time, but it hardly registers) makes time seem strange.

    1. Having never had this issue come up for me or my friends or family, I'll admit I spend little time thinking about it, but organ donation numbers are very low and the system by which dead donations are distributed is woefully inadequate. Sally Satel's article comes out of her own struggles in getting a kidney replaced.

    2. If you're mad at Bush for the Stem Cell Bill, which you should be, here's yet another reason, beyond all the many people who will live and die with potentially curable illnesses. Starita Smith reminds us that Bush doesn't care about black people:

    The plight of black children in foster homes doesn't seem to be a priority for the Bush administration.

    On May 24, 2005, in his continuing courtship of the Christian conservative constituency, President Bush lauded families who have used a frozen embryo to bring a child into the world.

    The event, which took place at the White House East Room, showed that the administration and many of its supporters are more concerned with the potential life of embryos than they are with the children already living. Thousands of black, older and disabled children need homes. We have never as a nation put their lives at the top of our agenda.

    For many years, white couples who wanted to adopt healthy white American infants had difficultly doing so because of the short supply. Some of these would-be parents instead sought Asian, European and Latino infants. Others have forgone adoption altogether.

    Those white couples who would have considered adopting a black child faced a virtual ban against it, endorsed by the National Association of Black Social Workers in 1972.

    But any such restriction was nullified when the Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994 was signed by President Clinton, and today, no adoption crisis exists among people who adopt black children. These children, as well as older children and those who have disabilities, are in tragically large supply.

    3. Christopher Dickey in Newsweek paints a scary, scary picture of both Israel and Hezbollah as marching ever-forward with failing strategies as more people die, are injured, and are forced from their homes.

    4. I know you need some fun, so how about watching Work Out on Bravo (which Alessandra Stanley has decided is the premier gay network). If, like me, you don't own a TV, but do own a computer, you can watch it for free on iTunes! The protagonist is a hot ambitious lesbian personal trainer who owns her own elite gym in LA. What more can you want? (Well, if you do want more, there's the hilarious way her straight male trainer tries to "bond" with her by inviting her to a strip club, and there's also the fact that her girlfriend is addicted to biting, and, finally, Kristof St. John - "Neil" from The Young and the Restless - is an affable client.)

    5. Now, that you're inspired to get in shape, check out one of my favorite workout sites, run by a former feminist academic, now known as Mistress Krista.


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