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    Monday, May 01, 2006

    Monday Statistic

    Statistically, about 90% of all cosmetic procedures are performed on women and 10% are performed on men. According to race, 87% of Caucasians undergo some form of plastic surgery in comparison to 6% of Hispanics, 4 to 5% of African Americans and only 3% of Asian Americans.

    From Sister 2 Sister Magazine.


    Anonymous Luke said...

    The numbers can get pretty crazy outside of the US too. They say that the statistics of women in Asia who get plastic surgery are just off the charts with eyelids, nose-bridge, and even facial reconstruction to "sink in" the eyes...ugh.

    I think their article completely misses it with point #3 though. While media images are getting better in the "multicultural" sense, I think the overwhelming message is still one certain kind of white/euro beauty ideal....that's evident even in the different "ethnic" stars and models we see.....it doesnt make any sense that if beauty ideals were indeed expanded and more inclusive...people would jump to get surgery..if it were true, there'd be a sharp decrease..

    but ya, there is a difference i think between chem peels, lipo and eyelid surgery...it seems unfair to group them all together like they do.

    11:42 PM  
    Blogger EL said...

    You're absolutely right that the beauty ideal is rich-WASPy, but I would argue that the beauty of the WASP has changed with the appropriation of "ethnic traits".

    The rich WASP is likely now to have collagen in her lips, so the fuller look that used to be considered "ethnic" has now actually become part of a WASP ideal. (This one is particularly dear to my heart having been called "fat lips" as a kid, and now hearing about how lovely my lips are, as styles have changed.)

    I read an article about how high the percentage was of Asian immigrants to the US who got plastic surgery before leaving their home country - it was staggering, though, of course, I can't find the stat now. The eyelid thing was big, as was this terribly-frightening procedure by which one's leg bones were broken and metal was inserted in them to add height. (Which lays nicely with your recent post, in fact.)

    Anyway, I think you're right, but I thought the stat was too weird to ignore.

    9:09 AM  
    Anonymous Luke said...

    that's a good point. the ideals/types of beauty have changing dynamics in terms of race/class/location. because as you said, just as Black, Asian API women are pressured to whiten their skin/have surgery...white women are pressured moreso to have the angelina jolie lips...the brooke burke skin tone which makes me think of all the tanning booths/sunless tanners that are so popular here but nonexistant in API areas. it's a weird juggling act between the different ideals. I think what's happening for women is that its all darting between this "middle ground" where its becoming a combination of white/euro ideals and mixed race ideals via the Halle Berrys, the Jessica Albas, the Shakiras and Jolies

    the eyelid thing ugh, its crazy. parents usually give that to their daughters for a high school graduation present.

    oh god, the bone lengthening thing and even the HGH injections. that stuff not only is expensive..but its way too dangerous (at least the surgery). I mean when one of the listed side effects is "infection and amputation." yikes.

    5:27 PM  

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