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    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    Colbert at the Correspondents Dinner

    The blogosphere has been pretty darned excited about Stephen Colbert's gutsy monologue at the WHCA dinner. And everyone's finally figured out what I've been saying, "The Daily Show is fun. The Colbert Report is high art." I'm so annoying with my I-said-it-firsts, I know, but I am compulsive.

    I hope you've seen the clips by now, but if you haven't, do it ASAP. You can find them on Salon's Video Dog, and probably a million other places. I can't imagine how his heart must have pounded, especially when he looked right at the President.

    I'm totally in love with Colbert- what a powerhouse. I loved him before, but I love him even more now for really going for it, especially with an audience that had no clue how to respond.

    White Bear at Is There No Sin In It? gives a great analysis here:

    Colbert made not-very-exaggerated statements that could easily have come out of the mouths of any pompous reporter or Republican flunky, statements that not only made the press and the administration look silly, but also hubristic, heedless, weak, and even murderous. Those of us who were not implicated by his speech could laugh freely at it. I didn't vote for this administration, and I certainly haven't enabled it through silence. Colbert embodied all those whose ambition, toadyism, and cowardice fuel Bush's whims, while also making it clear that only the "backwash" of Americans support his work as President anyway. To laugh at Colbert as a blowhard is to recognize the evil that his kind of blowhardery enables.

    Those who were at that dinner may have merely experienced Colbert's talk as "not funny." I'm not sure it was meant to be funny, exactly. I think it was meant to serve as a crucible in which is concentrated all of the attitudes Americans should loathe, actively, and work to overcome.

    Great excerpt, but read the whole thing. And check out Michael Scherer's piece in Salon, The Truthiness Hurts.

    Edited to add:

    Found this cool bit about Colbert and got all excited, so I had to share.


    Blogger Rey said...

    There's this ridiculous article from the Washington Post by some journalist who is so uptight he can't laugh at himself, too. I posted a link to it on my blog yesterday.

    Stoopid journalists.

    2:15 PM  
    Blogger EL said...

    Wasn't funny, my ass. He was funny, but also sometimes made the room so uncomfortable that, while it was brilliant comedy, it wasn't funny. And that was fine.

    Thanks for the link to your coverage too, Rey.

    2:48 PM  
    Blogger brownfemipower said...

    i have tried very hard to control my compulsive attraction to colbert--but i can't help it. i love white man geeks. and i find it incredibly problematic that it takes a comedian to point out what's wrong with the fucking world today.

    did you see that democracy now played this as well??? I was laughing because amy goodman is another one i have tried to control my obssesive attraction to--but when i saw that she has the humor and guts to put that up, i almost died with lust. what a babe.

    10:25 PM  
    Blogger EL said...


    Why oh why would you fight it?

    LOVE Colbert!

    (And I find it HI-larious that you love your geeky white guys.)

    9:56 AM  

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