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    Friday, May 26, 2006

    Big Coming Out: Jared Leto

    Jared Leto, known best to me as Jordan Catelano, CAME OUT yesterday. I know I shouldn't care, but I care.

    Junkiness, Callmelunchbox, Star Dirt, Hollywood Dailies, Gawker, National Pop, and Queerty talk it up.


    Blogger brownfemipower said...

    umm, hasn't he been out for a while???? i thought he was out way back when he was on my so called life??

    that's good tho, if he hasn't been out, that he *is* coming out--it's about damn time that some males took some risks too, you know? I mean, why's it just rosie and melissa and all the women??

    12:06 PM  
    Blogger brownfemipower said...

    ps. if i could just *once* see him and my fav white boy geek, spider man (er, i mean, tobey), together--my life would be set... :-)

    all i would need to see is some kissing. i swear.

    12:08 PM  
    Blogger EL said...

    He wasn't. When he came out yesterday evening to AOL he said he'd basically begun to realize he was gay just recently and was giving them an exclusive.

    You could always send him a love note "from Tobey" and watch what happens. :)

    12:24 PM  
    Blogger brownfemipower said...

    wow, giving aol an exclusive on being gay huh??? betcha aol just loved that.

    well, good for him. he is the only mainstream guy i know who has come out, (of course, i don't know many mainstream guys) so he's paving the way for other men hopefully...

    (haha, about love note from tobey...)

    12:53 PM  
    Blogger Corinne said...

    um, wow, yeah, i care too, much more than i should. and yes him and tobey would be h-o-t HOT.

    1:35 PM  
    Blogger dustdaughter said...

    Interesting. This may end up working in Leto's favor career-wise. The double standard has to benefit somebody.

    I'm bracing myself for the day my favorite male tv star is outed/come out.

    2:28 PM  
    Blogger TBLJ said...

    I must admit I heard this story and had no idea who this guy was. I had to do a search on Wikipedia to find out.

    4:53 PM  
    Blogger gandhi rules said...

    He is so beautiful, gay or not. Although outing yourself in an IM interview seems a bit dense..

    7:00 PM  
    Blogger dustdaughter said...

    Why didn't he come out in a gay publication like The Advocate or a website like AfterElton.com? Why AOL?

    7:10 PM  
    Blogger dustdaughter said...

    According to Leto's publicist, "Jarod was kidding". Sorry gals.

    7:19 PM  
    Blogger EL said...

    Oh, thanks for the update, dustdaughter.

    Now this kinda makes me hate him because what kind of a joke is that? "Wouldn't it be funny if I said I was gay?"

    7:29 PM  
    Blogger brownfemipower said...

    what?!?!?!??!? for heaven's sake. what an idiot. i'm with ya, el, he's lost my vote. it's gonna just have to be me and tobey, cuz i don't share with losers.

    8:41 PM  
    Blogger belledame222 said...

    That *is* completely annoying; still, I suppose it's possible that the publicist is doing what he perceives as "damage control."

    I always wonder, you know, how much autonomy celebrities really have, or allow themselves.

    6:45 PM  

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