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    Friday, April 07, 2006

    Weekend Homework

    National Poetry Month happenings

    All in New York, but non-NYC folks, click here to find stuff in your area. Also, take advantage of some of the awesome online poetry journals out there like Facture, Can We Have Our Ball Back, Drunken Boat, GutCult, Diagram, just to name a very few.

    1. Brian Blanchfield and Cecily Parks read at Pete's Candy Store on Friday the 7th at 7pm.

    2. Sarah Arvio & John Koethe read at the Bowery Poetry Club on the 8th at 6pm.

    3. Daniel Nester (who once wrote me the sweetest of my many rejection letters), Ada Limon, Michael Costello, and Andrew Michael Roberts in the Tarpulin Sky/Frequency Series at The Four-Faced Liar on the 8th at 2pm.

    4. Kevin McIlvoy, Mary Jo Bang, Sarah Manguso, and Gail Mazur at Readings on the Bowery, also at the Bowery Poetry Club on the 9th at 2pm. If you can only go to one, this is it.

    5. The New School Ashbery Festival, From April 6 to 8, the New School’s Graduate Writing Program will present The New School Ashbery Festival, a tribute to John Ashbery, one of the most widely read and revered American poets of the past few decades both in this country and around the world. The three-day festival will feature two major presentations by Ashbery himself—a solo reading of recent work and a reading of his legendary long poem “Litany” (1979), which has been recited only once before in public. In addition, there will be readings by such eminent contemporary poets as Billy Collins, Jorie Graham, John Koethe, James Tate, and Dara Wier; a staged reading of Ashbery’s one-act play The Heroes; and panels featuring well-known painters, critics, and international scholars.

    National Jazz Appreciation Month events

    New York City again below, but check this out for your area's JAM events.

    1. Barry Harris and Regina Carter at Lincoln Center's Rose Theater, both the 7th and 8th at 8pm. Not cheap though, folks.

    2. But if you wanna go for free, The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music will host over 60 free student concerts through April and May. Ensemble concerts focus on either the music of a specific composer (from Charlie Parker to Sun Ra) or particular styles (from Blues to Brazilian, acoustic to cutting-edge electronic).

    3. Also free:Jazz at Lincoln Center presents Jazz Battle at Dizzy’s Coca-Cola Club. All on the 8th, the shows are at 1 pm, 2 pm, and 3 pm. Artists are to be announced.

    4. Paul Motion Quartet at Village Vanguard. The 8th at 12:30am.

    Time to get Passover-ready. Here are a couple of options to whet your appetite:

    *Los Angeles

    A Seder for Darfur, as part of the Let My People Sing Music and Culture Festival in Los Angeles, Danny Glover, Mare Winningham, Ed Asner and Jon Voight will participate in a benefit seder to raise funds for Jewish World Watch's projects in Darfur. Sunday, April 9 at 3pm. For more information, call 818-464-3227 or visit the festival website at www.letmypeoplesing.com. But it won't be easy to afford it: tix range from $125-$1000. Rich LA readers (do I have any?) - this is for you.

    *New York

    The Lower East Side Passover Walking Tour allows you to shop the LES's most popular kosher joints on the busiest day of the year - sound fun??? Then maybe it'll be worth your $10-$15. Otherwise, you could go on a different day and use your money to actually buy treats.


    Belledame at Fetch Me My Axe has an awesome post on the perils of heterosexuality (don't ever forget them) which led me to this fascinating blog.

    And, if you're into sitting and surfing this weekend, enjoy weird article in the Guardian on gender and literary taste, Broadsheet on Axe deodorant, Sad Billionaire on Fluffy Dollars discussing Colbert, Mansfield, and "manliness," Malinda Lo on AfterEllen takes on Gender and The L Word (can't agree with all of it, but I was happy to read it), and, if you just want to wallow in the joy of Tom Delay's demise, Omnipotent Poobah makes it as pleasurable as possible for you.

    If you're crazy for Kate Moennig (quality of the show she stars on notwithstanding), she's playing Lynndie England, of all people in a show called Guardians which is currently in previews at the Culture Project. You can see it on the 8th at 3pm and 7pm. Before you go, read brownfemipower on England.

    I'll try to be a little less NY-Centric next time.


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