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    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    My Own Impromtu Mini Body Image Carnival

    I know I don't do a lot of writing on this topic here, but it's not because I don't care. I guess, where I'm concerned, so much of what I feel and think has already been said so many times it feels pointless. But the posts below are awesome.

    Gender Immigrant: Hulk not strange afterall-

    I thought it was funny that the girl, Karen, had the exact same winter coat and scarf as me. That first night, we were drinking wine and talking. I told her how sad I was that I had ripped the lining out of my coat and she blurted out, “I ripped mine too! It made me feel like the Hulk or something!” Then she said something about how everyone makes coats for girls with tiny little rib cages and it’s so hard to find a coat that she won’t rip the lining out of.

    It was one of those moments when I step back inside my mind and realize that most of the things that I see as awful or weird about myself are things that other women go through as well. When I rip the lining in a piece of clothing or I can’t fit into some tiny little top I always see it as some kind of sign that I’m some oafish beast, but here was another woman almost the exact same size as me with the exact same problem as me. I wish I could hold onto this thought all of the time. There’s really not that much of a physical difference between me and almost any other woman my height. There’s just go to be a way to stop judging myself against models in magazines so that I don’t feel like Bertha the Big Boned Badass.

    A White Bear at Is There No Sin In It?: Beauty Is About Money, Not Sex-

    When women talk about their need to spend time at the spa getting facials or obsessively working out or starvation-dieting, they usually use the language of attractiveness, as if anyone's genitals would be more or less engorged at the sight of brittle-thin limbs and the hippest handbag. But the look is about spending money and proving you have the money to spend. What our dinner guest did not yet realize is that having the "look" is only worth it if your life's goal is to become a self-loathing empty-headed trophy bride. If that isn't your goal, then dropping your entire paycheck on looking like a rich woman does no good.

    Aldahlia: Weight Gain-

    I’m about ten pounds heavier than I’d like to be, but realistically? I’m five nine, with double d’s and I’m 145 pounds. To even pretend that it’s a big deal is an insult to folks that actually have weight problems.

    Kevin on Slant Truth:I Rock Rough ‘N Stuff With My Afro Puffs-

    I wear my hair in an afro. It’s a constanst source of talk amongst White people. When I’m out at a bar, it’s inevitable that someone will ask to touch my hair. Or someone will go out of their way to point out how much they love my hair. And it’s always White people. Black people look at me and never comment on my hair. ...

    Now there are a good number of posts I can come up with on the subject of appeareance alone, but I’m wondering now what’s up with Black people and our hair. As I write, I remember being a teenager and babysitting a couple of white kids in my neighborhood. THEY ALWAYS WANTED TO TOUCH MY HAIR!

    The paragraphs are just teasers, read each whole piece.


    Blogger belledame222 said...

    oh yeah, I loved that gender immigrant post. heading off to read the others.

    had a piece or two on fat & body image rattling around, hopefully will get around to 'em within a few days.

    4:05 PM  

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