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    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Kate Moennig in The New York Times

    A Show Needs a Tomboy? She Can Look the Part:

    "I don't think I look like a boy, but I don't think androgyny is such a bad thing," Ms. Moennig said. That is perhaps the best attitude to take after being typecast by label-conscious Hollywood as a classic androgynous type.

    "Let's call a spade a spade: when people look at me, they say, 'Oh, she's the androgynous one.' " she added. "I'll tell you what type of character I would never be offered out there," she said, referring to Los Angeles, where she lives with a pair of dogs who transfer along with her to Vancouver for the four-month shooting season of "The L Word." "The femme fatale. Or the white-trash heterosexual hillbilly." Not even a kinky one.

    To be honest, the interview isn't that great, but I was still excited to see her in the Times.


    Anonymous Bitch | Lab said...

    Oh no. She could soooooooo do whitetrash hillbilly. I'll wait patiently.

    12:32 PM  
    Anonymous Bitch | Lab said...

    You know, I never bothered to ask or wonder. Are any of the actresses on the L word lesbian? For some reason, when the show first started, I thought I'd heard they were all het.

    12:33 PM  
    Blogger EL said...

    Leisha Hailey who plays Alice is a lesbian (used to date kd, actually).

    Laurel Holloman who play Tina is bisexual (outed herself in the Advocate when she was, like, 19 or something).

    Daniela Sea who plays Moira is lesbian (linked to Bitch from Bitch and Animal).

    Kate Moennig doesn't talk about her sexual orientation but has been around the dyke scene here in NYC a lot and with a lot of different gals ... I know I shouldn't speculate, but it's so hard not to with Kate.

    2:16 PM  
    Anonymous Bitch | Lab said...

    I knew about Sea, but not the others. HA! The one who seems so frickin' straight, Tina, is bi. She's the one who I always think just does a terrible acting job when kissing. weird.

    9:53 PM  
    Blogger Morgan said...

    sorry to cut in and be random^_^ im a new zealand chick, i adore the l word, goodness knows how far behind in the seasons nz is, but it my favorite hour of tv a week ^_^ i love kate and daniela so very much, as for speculation on kate... i actually don't think she has to talk about it, ive been with my girlfriend for almost nine months now, i finally told her i was gay a month or two ago only to tell her last week that i didnt want to give myself a life-constricting label like that, though i love her alot and im not interested in men at all right now, sometimes its easier not to define yourself, mostly to save confusion and disappointment of you and everyone else

    10:47 PM  
    Blogger Private Account said...

    Kate Moennig is has been dating a girl from Texas.She’s Spanish Irish mixed her name is Emerald Alva it was actor Chris Mulkey played Leonard Murphy on (ep 1-2003)of CSI Miami introduced Katherine Moennig played Mary Landis on (ep 1-2008)of CSI Miami to Emerald Alva of LGBTRightsAroundTheWorld entertainment.I met with them at a dinner party they seemed nice.I feel most of the world already knows everything there is to know on this topic.I think they enjoy traveling visiting Texas where it’s more private for them to hang out party or relax.Emerald is a Mormon member of the LDS Church that lived with a child actor artistic director from the 1976 film Bad News Bears Kate is Kate.I dated Emerald Kate broke us up seven years ago we all saw each other again at the!$#!#Block lesbian event in Texas back in August.I respect their privacy in person and on social media hopefully everyone else will to as well.I think you for allowing me to share my personal thoughts views and insight thank you!.

    9:38 PM  

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