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    Friday, March 03, 2006

    Weekend Homework

    Is it that time again? So soon? This week flew for me and I hope for all of you too!

    New Yorkers:

    1. Obviously, it's Whitney Biennial 2006 weekend. New York Mag has a good guide, including the lowdown on Steve Kurtz. Now, it's on until the end of May and is actually not unreasonable ($12), so you should definitely check it out, even if you have to wait out this weekend's crowds.

    2. Now, I'm not usually one to recommend theater, but there's something absurdly, amusingly sublime about Luke from The OC (yes, two mentions in one day, people) playing the world-class sexy queer sociopath in Entertaining Mr. Sloane. And, for a play, it's low on the awkward. I personally won't shell out the cash, but if you can, come back here and tell me how Mr. Carmack was as Mr. Sloane.


    3. Lately, I've found myself longing for the days of Carville, Greenberg, and Rosner-style Democratic strategy, what with the Dems going off the deep end. But I think I may have found the cure: Our Brand Is Crisis about these guys hitting heavy for a Bolivian candidate apparently makes them look pretty ... pretty ... pretty ... pretty bad. (And it's got to be better than Unknown White Male, which I just can't believe for a second.)

    4. Read One Tenacious Baby Mama on Sex Positive Parenting, one of the most difficult and controversial subjects around. Kudos to darkdaughta for writing it!

    5. Oh goody! The New York Times is at it again:

    For four decades, the number of women entering the workplace grew at a blistering pace, fostering a powerful cultural and economic transformation of American society. But since the mid-1990's, the growth in the percentage of adult women working outside the home has stalled, even slipping somewhat in the last five years and leaving it at a rate well below that of men.

    We read it because we have to know what it says, not because we want to know what it says.

    6. If you have a TV or know someone who does, cheer on the queer contingent at this year's Oscars. I admit, it'll be mostly lame, but everything's better with beer and it could be history. It's not just Brokeback and Transamerica, by the way. Out lesbian Tami Lane is up for Best Makeup for The Chronicles of Narnia and will be attending the ceremony with her partner. Look for the glamourous couple- they will be looking for My Amusement Park fave, Charlize Theron, according to AfterEllen.

    7. I listened to an absolutely awesome This American Life called Star-Crossed Lovers. The first segment deals with a romance between an Iraqi prisoner and one of his American captors. The second segment ... well, it's too good to tell you, but it's ecstatically queer in the best wacky way and ridiculously, painfully honest, and ... well, you have to hear it for yourself.

    8. And, in honor of the woman's tragic early death, pick up some Octavia Butler. I know I'll be rereading Kindred, but I HIGHLY recommend Parable of the Sower, if you're new to Butler.

    Have a wonderful weekend, lovely readers!


    Blogger Dark Daughta said...

    I'd try reading Lilith's Brood, too which is a trilogy that takes place after humans have pretty much destroyed themselves and the earth and an alien species called the Oankali who mate in threes come down to try and salvage what's left of our dna because they do genetic trades while combing the galaxy.

    Butler had such a grasp of human interactions and the subtleties of group dynamics and communication. The trilogy was an absolute blessing to read for someone like me who is trying to build community with other people of colour.

    3:40 PM  
    Blogger EL said...

    I love a good recommendation from a trusted fellow reader- thanks, darkdaughta!

    11:41 AM  

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