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    Monday, March 13, 2006

    L Word Spoiler!!!!!!!!

    I really hope you weren't surprised that Dana died. I mean, come on. The episode is called "Losing the Light". But it didn't mean it wasn't sad for me. Love it or hate it (or both), I still get attached over time. And the other thing: we never get to see another Dana-drunk-dance, which was one of the show's finest moments. I did some tooling around blogland to see what others had to say:

    Lots of folks rather are upset.

    Journey of a Lost Asian American, a blog I got really excited about (queer television lover and critic- how can I resist!), gives a whole review.

    Bloodless Coup says: I just don't know if I can take it anymore. To quote someone from one of the many threads on the L-Word message boards:

    This show has become laborious to watch... Since the continuity on this show is so bad, maybe the writers will forget they killed off Dana this season and bring her back next season...

    It's gotten so bad, people are talking about dream sequences. Dream sequences, people. As if they are a good thing.

    Dreiser has my favorite reaction:

    1. Shouldn't the episode where DANA dies have more than five minutes of DANA in it?

    2. Fuck the singing flower. Seriously. Fuck.The.Singing.Flower.

    3. Having a short and cheesy and fucking devoid of any real human emotion public service announcement air after this episode does not justify this storyline. The L Word is not the fucking lesbian Mother Theresa of cable television shows because of this cancer storyline. ...

    I mean, it's like we got the Idiots Guide to Cancer with this storyline.

    I don't hate the storyline. Actually, the past few episodes have been mostly pretty low-cringe, as the show goes. I can live with Dana dying. The only thing is that I always hate cancer storylines. Whenever a show's writers don't know what to do they drop a cancer story, a new relative (usually crazy), or everyone goes on a trip. I hate death storylines too because then everything's usually really boring for awhile what with a funeral and all. I think it might be alright this time, though.

    It cracks me up, all these people saying that The L Word is going to lose a lot of viewers. This has been said so many times: if Marina left, if Bette and Tina broke up, if Tina hooked up with a man, blah, blah, blah. We're talking about lesbians here people. We're talking about a group of people so pop-culturally disenfranchised, so willing to take whatever bones and scraps, that Bar Girls was released on DVD! And everyone at The L Word knows this desperation: partly because they've lapped up the crumbs themselves, but moreso because they've been the ones churning out the garbage. I mean, if I had a dollar for every hour I've wasted on some of the worst films, television, music, etc just because they were "lesbian", I'd be able to finance a lesbian cinematic endeavor that wasn't awful. My point is: as long as The L Word is on, they can do whatever they want, and they'll have viewers.


    Anonymous binky said...

    Actually I did quit watching. I skipped about half of last season, and a couple this season. If it wasn't for the fact that we have a group of friends who get together to watch (and groan, and complain, these days) and that provides its own social outlet, I wouldn't bother.

    That being said, we watched tonight. And regretted it. I think we'll do the season finale, just because it's the season finale, but...

    The telltale clue is that some of us bought Season One on DVD. None of us will buy any subsequent seasons.

    But hey, maybe I just have a low frustration tolerance. :)

    11:48 PM  

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