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    Thursday, March 30, 2006

    The Duke Situation

    I don't read the news for a week and lo and behold: A woman hired to dance for the Duke lacrosse team describes a night of racial slurs, growing fear and, finally, sexual violence.

    You know what though? This didn't happen this week. This happened March 13!

    Justice 4 Two Sisters is giving the "incident" the coverage it deserves. So keep checking because song4assata keeps updating.

    What makes me most angry about the situation is how this whole team of guys is keeping quiet. If I were the mother, girlfriend, wife, sister, whatever of one of those players, I'd be like this: "Either you tell everything you know or keep the fuck away from me and everyone I love." I hope to hell that every single member of the Duke Lacrosse Team is fearing for their lives right now, whether they were part of the rape or not, because by keeping quiet, they are part of it. I hope they feel the fear that their victim felt. And I hope the Duke community fosters that fear. Rachel says: On a more positive note, the student paper is reporting that about 250 students and community members have been protesting for 3 days outside of the house where the incident happened. So, that's good. That ritual shunning stuff could be well-applied here. Find names of these guys here.

    If someone on the team wasn't present and doesn't have information about the assault, the least he could fucking do is issue a statement of solidarity with the victim and an expression of shame over his teammates. The team's "wall of solidarity"- why would anyone want to be in solidarity with these guys? Maybe it seems harsh to lump the other players in, but please, grow a backbone. You're such a baby you can't stand up to your buddies?

    Rachel's Tavern has a great round-up but I encourage you to go further to check out the Comments section. If you think these rapists grew up in a pro-rape vacuum which is foreign to the rest of us, check out comments like this:

    [referring to shame heaped upon players who did not participate in the rape, but are keeping quiet]sounds like PC run amok - Drydock


    I don't know if this was business or personal, but going to a house full of drunk college men is dangerous, IMAO. She certainly didn't deserve this, but people need to think. I don't see anything good that can result in her going to this place. -Mannes

    Mannes, the woman went there to do her job. What good could come of it? Well, she hoped to return home with cash to pay for her tuition and put food on the table for her two kids. That's the good that could come of it. And now she has to go around apologizing for her job in order to even get a hearing on her brutal gang rape and assault?

    And by the way, yes, Mannes, "going to a house full of drunk college men is dangerous": do you really think this woman didn't know that? And, if she knew and did it anyway, might there be a pretty serious fucking reason why? In other words, she wasn't doing this for fun, asshole. If she had every career option in the world and still did this, there still wouldn't be any reason for her to have been raped beyond pure ... I don't even know the word for it.

    Yes, this is "blame-the-victim" despite the disclaimer. Do you know how dangerous it is to work construction? Very. And yet men line up around the block for union apprenticeships. Why? Because it pays well and not everyone can afford to take cush over cash.

    From the Captain of the Duke Lacrosse Team's "statement":

    “We also stated unequivocally that any allegation that a sexual assault or rape occurred is totally and transparently false.

    Dear Captain of Duke Lacrosse Team and all your buds,

    This woman was raped and sodomized- this is a fact. Even if you, personally, did not do it, it may be possible that a few of your 46 teammates did. You might not have seen it. Doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    Fuck you,

    Tiffany of Blackfeminism says:

    So basically — and quite typically of universities, particularly private ones — what we have is a group of unruly assholes (athletes), and a permissive campus culture that rewards their behavior both explicitly and implicitly simply because they’re athletes. They bring money and prestige to the school. And god(dess) forbid a story about what really goes on among athletes on college campuses comes to light. The PR department tries to quell the negative press. And everyone else is so busy trying to protect the program that the victims get fucked-over twice.

    I am so fucking sick of these male college athletes. Every time I turn around they're linking arms in solidarity so they can continue to rape with impunity, not to mention all kinds of other (at best) unruly and (at worst) criminal behavior. The fact that we care enough about these kids who happen to be really good at a game to allow them to make their own rules really shows what kind of a pathetic culture we have. I know I'm making serious generalizations here and there are probably really good guys who are also college athletes, but, it's true, I don't hear about them, as someone who doesn't patronize the sports industry. I mean, when are universities going to figure it out- it doesn't matter how much cash they make you if your female students (and probably many male students as well) walk around campus afraid of this small minority of students.

    I mean, you already have a bunch of rich white entitled asses at a school like Duke anyway (how many of these kids were from Long Island? Plenty, but can't remember the exact #), add sports to the equation and you truly have people who believe the world is their oyster in the sense that they should be able to stab a fork in every inch of it, scot-free.

    But how do you teach these guys that they shouldn't walk around with this sense of entitlement? How can you when the truth is that they probably will get just about everything they ever want served up to them on a silver platter and they'll be able to behave like completes and utter assholes every moment of their lives, abusing and raping everyone they meet, and they'll still end up living in some 10,000 square foot house with a beautiful, subservient wife and beautiful, bratty (but they won't have to deal with it) kids. God, I wish I could find some way to make people like this miserable for awhile so they could learn to be human.

    Ancrene Wiseass was cool enough to link to contact info for Richard H. Brodhead, the President of Duke. Make sure you let him know how this makes Duke look to you.

    Also check this out: Fiona Morgan talks to black female students at Duke. Hat tip to Sharon Cullars.

    God, I just can't get it out of my mind: "Thank your grandpa for my cotton shirt." I'd love to hang them with their cotton shirts.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You know nothing about the case at all. The woman has a long list of offenses, and her timeline is impossible. Get the facts straight, she is lying.

    3:22 AM  

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