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    Wednesday, March 08, 2006

    Blog Against Sexism Day

    Yes, it's International Women's Day and Blog Against Sexism Day and Carnival of Feminists Day: thanks to the blogosphere for the triple-feminist-holiday action!

    What I want to write about for Blog Against Sexism Day is the use of "sexism" and "misogyny" against the "usual suspects".

    I've read a lot about Three-6 Mafia's performance on the Oscars. I didn't view it, but I certainly don't doubt it was ridiculous. Probably offensive, but, again, I didn't see it. I don't have any problem with people critiquing it, if the people critiquing it regularly critique the sexism they see in the world around them, in whatever form or medium.

    I tire of people critiquing sexism and/or misogyny:
    * hip-hop, ignoring rock and pop entirely,
    * reality television, ignoring dramas, sitcoms, and the fucking news
    * the mythical "middle America," "the South," and the "third world", ignoring New York City and Los Angeles and San Francisco and blah, blah, blah
    * comic books, ignoring literature and journalism
    * pornography, ignoring goddamned everything in the whole word
    * the past without looking at NOW

    All of the above combinations of righteous anger with complete ignorance are in service of other stereotypes, prejudices, and, more seriously, systems of oppression.
    Also, it sets feminism and anti-sexism back for a number of reasons: 1. people involved in (as producers or fans of, residents of, users of) the above left column begin to doubt feminism as a whole because it seems a charge levied against things the cultural elite somehow just don't like, 2. it keeps feminism from being for all women. To use a personal example, I personally would rather be seen as a greedy ho than as a ditzy blank slate, meaning I would generally "prefer" the sexism of hiphop to that of rock and pop. Someone like me might look at the claims of "sexism" against hip-hop and feel like her grievances were not taken seriously (and, I would argue, they are taken less seriously). This extends further: women who participate in the sex industry in a number of ways (as consumers and patrons, as sex workers, as owners, producers, etc) often see the constant critique of sexism in their industry, because it often seems in isolation, as a critique of them rather than a general critique of sexism in the world. And on and on.

    So, on Blog Against Sexism Day, I beg of my fellow bloggers and readers: see the sexism around you, everywhere around you.

    And go read everybody else.


    Anonymous Rachel S said...

    That's a great list. On the third point, I'm also tired of anything that equates sexism (or any other ism) and so called "red states."

    1:20 PM  

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