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    Monday, January 30, 2006

    Will Commander in Chief Be Cancelled?

    We should be so lucky. I mean the television show.

    Commander in Chief is being put on hiatus:

    It's starting to look as if Geena Davis will be a one-term President.

    Despite the actress's Golden Globe win as best actress in a TV drama series, her show, Commander in Chief, is being benched until spring, ABC has announced. As of March 7, the timeslot will be given over to a new comedy, Sons & Daughters.

    Commander in Chief, which had a promising start with 16 million viewers tuning into its September premiere, has been experiencing a decline in ratings since November and then took a dramatic plunge this month with the arrival of FOX's rival ratings powerhouse American Idol.

    Last Tuesday, Commander attracted a less-than-commanding 10.3 million viewers, a new low.

    When the problems began in November, ABC replaced the show's writer-creator Rod Lurie with Steven Bocho, whose formidable credits include Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue. Under his watch, the series has tried to maintain a balance between family drama and political crisis of the week.

    You've got to feel sorry for Rod Laurie, like the show or not- losing custody like that would be a killer.

    If by "problems began in November", they are at all referring to the abysmal Thanksgiving episode, I can't help but agree to give the guy the axe. Why is it that, when a show's writers run out of ideas, we always get treated to the out-of-town relative who runs the gamet from a little wacky to absolute insanity? It's the prime-time equivalent to the daytime evil twin.

    The West Wing was successful for almost seven years and it rolled out the wonk carpet when the going got rough. Come on, Bochco- give us the inside of the White House as much as you did the courtroom and the operating room. The show is often an insult; I hope it will change in time to be saved.

    From Fox News:

    The White House drama starring Geena Davis as the first female president started out as the most talked-about new show of the season with healthy ratings and a wide-open future. ...

    "'Commander in Chief' will go on a brief broadcast hiatus so that it can return in the spring with all original episodes," the release said.

    ABC did something similar last year when it put "Boston Legal" on the shelf for a while and replaced it with "Grey's Anatomy."

    "Grey's" was such a hit that "Boston Legal" did not return for the rest of the season.

    The White House series will be off the air for at least six weeks, the network said. ...

    Ratings for "Chief" have been in a free fall ever since it came back this month after a long, holiday break holiday.

    Being on opposite "American Idol" — a huge hit in its fifth edition — has been especially tough. ...

    The show has changed — more or less dramatically — after ABC pulled creator Rod Lurie off the series and put in veteran cop-show producer Stephen Bochco to run the show.

    "Chief's" main villain, Speaker of the House Nathan Templeton, played by Donald Sutherland, has been softened. And Davis' on-screen husband, first gentleman Rod Calloway, played by Kyle Secor, has been toned down to become more of an adviser than a loose-cannon spouse.

    Blogs for Bush's kevinp thinks this has something to do with Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton.

    But who would you rather have as your President (and you can't go by whose face you'd prefer to look at during the State of the Union): Jed Bartlet or Mac Allen? No contest: Bartlet all the way.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The show is a good show. I like the characters and the what the show moves. I don't find it as exciting as Lost or Invasion but pretty close to being equally entertaining.
    I am not into being shown embarassing moments on American Idol or what's his face being blatenly rude to little fat less than beautiful people with no talent. What is their problem over there are they using the
    losers to make the show move. Pretty pathetic if they can't sort out the totally untalented ones before the show starts to say us the embarassment of having to listen to their pain.

    8:13 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Good Riddance

    4:56 PM  

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