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    Saturday, January 14, 2006

    Fortunate Sons: Giving Back to the Baby Boomers

    My Amusement Park is proud to have been noticed by none other than the tremendous I Hate Boomers for boomer-hate. It is truly an honor.

    I'd like to take this opportunity to pat the backs of some of my fellows in boomer-hate, recognized on I Hate Boomers.

    1. Ooh Shiny:

    This has abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do with “graduating into a recession.” You know why? Excuse the all caps, but I really do want to scream this to the author: YOUR GENERATION IS DEFICIT SPENDING LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW TO SECURE YOUR OWN COMFORTABLE FUTURE. You people take and take and take, reform and reform and reform, and just stick it on the federal deficit with the expectation that it’ll get paid off. And who’s going to pay it off? Certainly not fucking YOU PEOPLE. You’ll be sitting back, collecting your social security checks (while we have to actually save for our retirement and plan for loved ones whose social benefits will be cut to pay for your social security), telling us to stop being a bunch of whiners. We’re not whiners. Remember that “money education” you said people should get? The thing you didn’t know about so wanted it required education and spewed words explaining how important it was and you are fucked because you didn’t get it? We got it. We actually understand what’s going on, realize it’s not sustainable, and want it to change. You know what’s fucking ridiculous? When a software engineer at Google can’t afford anything other than a cardboard box. Yeah, you can say “poor baby” because they got wedding presents, but that’s just not an argument of any sort. Who’s buying the wedding presents? Friends? Coworkers? Aunts? Uncles? Parents? Grandparents?

    But you baby boomers, who had the cheapest housing in the history of ever (and rode the subsequent rise to afford bigger and better housing), get a big throbbing malice-boner thinking of someone who’s smarter and better off than you at the same age not being able to afford the same that you could. It gives you a sense that you still have power and are still useful and that we’re not going to be able to put you out to pasture so soon.

    This is generational warfare. You want us to suffer. You had to go through some shit, and now you want us to have worse. Why? For one, you imagine it worse than it was. Second, you don’t want us to have it easy. You think that we have to “earn” stuff the same way that you earned it. But that has never been the case. People “earned” their way very differently in the 1800’s than they do today. When you were growing up, there was no internet. While that may indicate an “easier life” for you, it means that we’re expected to know, and to be able to use it. Along with every single skill you ever learned. That’s not easier, that’s harder. We’re required to do more, and yet that’s still not good enough. Cars are more expensive to purchase and maintain, with more expensive gas and more expensive maintinence. But that’s not your problem. That’s ours. You had the luxury of traveling long distances for jobs cheaper for money. But we are supposed to have it harder than you, and we do, and that’s still not enough.

    And check out the Comments section.

    2. Work. Suburbs. And a Boring Death.:

    I am a bit skeptical of my parent’s generation. I mean, what have the Baby Boomers done for me? To me, they’ve done nothing more than perpetuate the age old problems of American hierarchy, and have helped set the labor movement back to where it was in the long forgotten past.

    For one, there was no fucking revolution in the white middle class. Sorry to all of you “beatniks”, but you hippies were nothing more than a corporate produced, mainstream revolution. You listened to mainstream music that had NICE lyrics, that were produced by large recording studios, and you drove cars produced by an even larger corporation. The hippie movement was nothing more than a tie-dyed billboard eye sore.

    And for another thing, the protests during the Vietnam war did nothing more than to tear the middle class apart. The upper-middle class learned to despise the war by sitting on their pompous asses in a politics course, while the working middle class learned to hate the war by watching their family members come back crippled, if at all. And to make matters worse, when the lower middle class would return from the war, they were treated like shit by the “morally superior upper class.”

    Besides, there are events that have occurred in the recent past where I must ask the Baby Boomers, “where was your god damn revolution?” One that instantly comes to mind is the termination of Flight Controllers during Ronald Reagan’s presidency due to them striking.

    It is my personal opinion that when Reagan did this, there should have been a major out lash against him and the American government. Yet, the incident occurred with little dissent and Reagan was allowed to push the labor movement back into the early 1900s.

    Where were you then Baby Boomers? Did all the free love and energy burn out by the time you hit middle age? Were you too busy with your family? Too content to keep your pathetic lives moving forward? ...

    I think that what I hate the most about Baby Boomers is their idea that we owe them something. Their idea that we should allow them to drag on with their life source, social security, that my pay check allows for them even though this same right will not be allowed to me. I hate them for not fixing social security. Shit, I hate them for allowing this country to become a cesspool of hopelessness. I hate them for my friends that can’t pay taxes because they don’t make a dime since American jobs are dead. I hate them for letting this beautiful country fall apart. I hate Baby-Boomers for abusing that energy that they had in the 60s–coming out on the other end with nothing changed at all.

    Much love all around, my GenY comrades in the struggle.

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